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Stubbs Bros & John Chew (Longton) Ltd


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Stubbs Bros




John Chew




Stubbs Bros & John Chew Ltd 





China manufacturers at the Mill Street Works (Argyle Works), Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • The Brothers William and Robert Stubbs had been in business as china manufacturers at the Argyle Works, Fenton from 1898

  • John Chew had been in business as China manufacturer at the Mill Street Works, Longton from around 1903.

  • In 1904 a limited company was formed called Stubbs Bros. and John Chew, Ltd., with the object of acquiring both the businesses of Stubbs Bros. and of Mr. John Chew. The new company operated at the Mill-street Works, Longton under the name Stubbs Bros & John Chew (Longton) Ltd - although the ware produced was marked with Stubbs Bros.

  • Around 1900 Mill Street in Longton was renamed Edensor Road (the two streets had run into each other). The new company renamed the Mill-street works to the Argyle Works. 

  • In December 1906 bankruptcy proceedings were made against William and Robert Stubbs.

  • In March 1907 a winding up order was made against Stubbs Bros & John Chew (Longton) Ltd.


Previously: John Chew


Edensor Road, Longton 

Stubbs Bros., Ltd. China Manufacturers,
Argyle Works

the Mill Street Works was operated by
the Stubbs Brothers and had been renamed 
the Argyle Works

from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'



Banckruptcy Proceedings 

Stubbs William, Hill Crest, Caverswall-lane, Blyth Bridge and Stubbs Robert, Upper Belgrave-road, Longton, china manufacturers.

Mr. Registrar Marshall held a sitting for the public examination of the above debtors on Oct. 30 at the Town Hall, Stoke-upon-Trent. 

There were said to be no assets in either of the seperate estates, and the gross liabilities in the seperate estate of William Stubbs were stated at 1,812 (unsecured 612), while in that of his partner the liabilities were stated at 547.

It was elicited from the debtors that they started trading as china manufacturers in 1898 at Argyle Works, Fenton. They each introduced 500 into the business and carried on business under the style "Stubbs Bros" until 1904.

A limited company was formed called Stubbs Bros. and John Chew, Ltd., with the object of acquiring the businesses of Stubbs Bros. and of Mr. John Chew at the Mill-street Works, Longton.

William Stubbs became a director and also secretary at 3 weekly, while Robert Stubbs was also a director and a traveller at the salary wage. The debtors still held these positions under a receiver, by whome the business was now being carried on for the debenture holders.

Ultimately debtors were allowed to pass. The following were given as creditors:- Bankers' claims: Robert Stubbs, 547 10s ; Willliam Stubbs 559 10s.   

The Pottery Gazette  1 December 1906


Stubs Bros. and John Chew (Longton) Ltd - Mill Street Works, Longton


London Gazette - 8 March 1907

notice of the winding up of Stubbs Bros. and John Chew (Longton) Ltd



trio in the Imari style  



cup and saucer in the Edwardian pattern - made by Stubs Bros. 



hand painted side plate 

Britannia China
Stubbs Bros

this was produced during the period 1904-1907 when the company was operating
at the Argyle Works in Longton  

photos courtesy: Linda Massie



Marks  used on ware for identification:





S Bros

mark incorporating a Stafford knot
surrounded by wings


this style of mark was probably continued by
the successors - Stubbs Bros & John Chew Ltd   


Britannia China
Stubbs Bros



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