Daniel Sutherland & Sons


Location and period of operation:

D. Sutherland (& Sons)


c. 1862


(See sources)

Earthenware manufacturer - Parian, Ivory & Majolica, at Park Hall Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Formerly under the style D. Sutherland (c.1862-1864) and then D. Sutherland & Sons (or just Sutherland & Sons)

  • Daniel Sutherland lived at 18 Caroline Street, Longton. In 1864 as well as being a pottery manufacturer he was also listed as 'Proprietor of the Temperance hotel' 

  • The partnership originally seemed to be between Daniel (the father) and Thomas (one of the sons) and then eventually was between the brothers Hugh & Thomas Sutherland. 

  • Thomas left and the business was continued by Hugh.

Subsequently: Hugh Sutherland



Majolica sauce boat in the form of a fish with the tail curving up to form the handle
impressed makers mark 'S S' 


London Gazette -  May 11th 1877

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Hugh and Thomas Sutherland - trading as D. Sutherland & Sons

Hugh Sutherland to continue on his own  


Initials used on ware for identification:

S & S



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