Public Monuments and Sculpture in Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme
Public Monuments and Sculpture in Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Arthur Wilkinson Memorial Fountain 
at Burslem

Location:  within Burslem Park, Moorland Road, Burslem 
Installed: 1890's   
Commissioned by:
Arthur Wilkinson's mother and sisters


Inscription: (upper part of fountain, above outlet and bowl):

Erected by his mother & sisters



The outlet for the fountain is in the centre of a recessed arch surmounted by a scroll-like design. The spout originally came out from the middle of a roundel decorated with three fishes. To each side there are flowers with long stems and long sword-like leaves which may possibly be tulips.

Below is a small bowl to catch the water from the spout, with two small scrolls to either side. At the base is another shallow bowl, no doubt intended to provide drinking water for thirsty dogs. The head of the fountain is ornately curved in a rococo fashion, and contains another floriate design.



Burslem Park was opened on 30 August 1894. A number of prominent local people donated terracotta furniture and other sculpture to the Park at or around this time, including a statue of a water nymph given by the pottery manufacturer, Henry Doulton. However, little of it survives today as a result of a combination of vandalism and neglect




Part of work




Red terracotta 2m high x 1.3m wide


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