Brickworks and Tileries of Stoke-on-Trent and district

also see Focus on Brick making in Stoke-on-Trent

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Alphabetical index of Brickworks and Tileries
of the North Staffordshire Potteries district....

  Acres Wood
  Adams, Tunstall
Audley Brick & Pipe Co 
  Bank Top, Stanfield
  N Barlow
  Basford & Trent Vale Tileries
  Basin Brick & Tile Co
  Berry Hill Brickworks
  Berry Hill Collieries
  Bradwell Wood Tileries
Brownhills Tileries
  Cannon Street Brickworks
  Cobridge Brick and Marl Co Ltd
  Cobridge Brick & Sanitary Pipe Co Ltd
Cobridge Collieries
  Dalehall Brick & Tile Co
  Eastwood Brickworks
  Fenton Collieries
  Fenton Tileries
W Ford 
  Robert Heath & Sons Ltd
  J Hewitt & Son
Highfield Tileries
  Lane End Works Ltd
  William Lea
  Leigh & Sons
  Lodge Tileries, Trent Vale
  Metallic Tileries
  Midland & Port Vale Tileries
  Mow Cop Brick Co Ltd
J Noden & Co
North Staffordshire Brick & Tile Co Ltd
  William Palmers
  Plant & Hammersley
Rufus Brick & Tile Ltd
Sneyd Colliery Co Ltd
  Stafford Coal & Iron Co
  Tunstall Tileries
  Wheatly Brick & Tile Co
Wigley & Shirley
  Wilkinson Brothers
  C Wooldridge


index by works owners......

Balfour & Coin - Oldfield
  N Barlow - Hanley
William Basford - Bournes Bank & Dalehall
  Boulton & Co - Midland & Port Vale Tileries
Boulton, Burnett & Platt - Brownhills Tileries
  William Bowers - Berry Hill
  Charles Challinor & Co - Fenton Tileries
J Cope & Son - Midland & Port Vale Tileries
  D Duddell Ltd - Oldfield
William Ford - Waterloo Road, Burslem
  E Hampton & Sons - Eastwood
Hollings & Co - Midland & Port Vale Tileries
Hyatt Brothers - Highfield Tileries 
  John Leigh & Son - Bank Top, Stanfield
Joseph Noden - Sneyd Green, Cobridge
J N Peake - Tunstall Tileries
  Thomas Peake - Tunstall Tileries
Proctor Brothers - Rufus Brick & Tile Ltd
Rowley Brothers - Metallic Tile Co
  John Slater - Berry Hill Collieries
  Stanley & Rogers - Dalehall Brick & Tile
  Richard Tilsley - Lodge Tileries
  Joseph Timmis - Bradwell Wood Tileries
Walkers - Tunstall
  Henry Warrington & Son - Berry Hill
J Watkin - Cobridge Collieries
  T Williams - Basford & Trent Vale Tileries


index by trade names / initials ......

  BSH - Berry Hill Collieries
  JAYEES - Berry Hill Collieries
  MCBC - Mow Cop Brick Co
  P & H - Cobridge
Port Vale - Burslem
RH & S - Robert Heath & Sons
  Triton - Wheatly & Co Ltd., Springfield Tileries
  VITROS - North Staffordshire Brick & Tile Co