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The Parish of Wellington was formed out of the Parish of Stoke, by an order in Council which bears the date of 8th August 1845.

The area of land known as Wellington was at this time mainly cornfields stretching to Ivy House Road and the land on which the Church was built was called Broomy Fields. Due to the efforts of the schoolmaster Edward Young Haslam, George Henry Foundrinier of the local paper mill and the Vicar of St Luke's this land was purchased for 8178.00.10d. The Church was finally built through the generosity of well disposed persons and grants from the Church of England for a sum of 2,075.


"Northwood and Wellington Church districts have lately been formed out of Hanley.

Wellington Church, St Luke, is to be built in 1851-2, near Well Street, and the incumbent now performs divine service in a small temporary church. The perpetual curacy is in the alternate patronage of the Crown and Bishop, and incumbency of the Rev WH Wright, BA."

[From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851)


St. Luke's (Wellington):
The parish church of Wellington is St. Luke's, which was erected in 1854. It is an imposing structure in the Early English style, comprising chancel, nave, north aisle, and north and west porch, the latter having been added in 1878; there is also an incomplete tower. In 1847 an organ chamber was built, and an organ introduced, the church at the same time being reseated at a cost of 900. The church contains a handsome stained glass window, erected in 1878 to the memory of Bishop Selwyn. In 1887 a new reredos was introduced. There are 800 sittings, 477 being free.
[from: A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated) 1893 advertising and trade journal.]

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