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Milepost on Trent & Mersey Canal, Sideway

Trent & Mersey Canal
Heritage No.
10016 A
Date Listed
10 February 1995
Building: Canal Milepost
Location: STOKE ON TRENT, Sideway
Description:  Canal milepost. C.1819, Circular post moulded head


Canal milepost. Circa 1819. Cast iron painted black and white.

Circular post moulded head and embossed letters on two convex tablets below. “Shardlow 54 miles”  “Preston Brook 38 miles”. Probably cast in the foundry of Rangeley and Dixon in Lichfield Street, Stone. The Trent & Mersey Canal was built between 1766 and 1777 by James Brindley and Hugh Henshall.


Charles Hadfield, The Canals of the West Midlands (1966)
Jean Lindsay, The Trent & Mersey Canal (1979)


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