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Moorland Pottery Works, Burslem

72 Moorland Road
Heritage No.
Date Listed
20 August 1979
Building: Pottery Works occupied by Moorland Pottery
Location: STOKE ON TRENT SJ84NE   Moorland Road, Burslem
Description:  Factory and experimental muffle kiln with circular hovel built 1910

At different times Susie Cooper and Studio Szeiler Ltd occupied these works.

Moorland Road Pottery Works
Moorland Road Pottery Works

photo:  Mr Brian Peach - Jan 2001

Small pot bank. Late 19th Century or early 20th Century.  Originally named the Chelsea Works.

Small courtyard plan. Brick with tiled roof. Frontage range of 3 storeys and 8 bays divided by pilasters, and with paired sash-type windows with segmentally arched heads. Cast iron lintel over archway through to the rear towards the right of the elevation.

Pottery Works occupied by Moorland Pottery

photo: Steve Birks - Jan 2000


Chelsea Works, Burslem
Moorland Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

[NOTE: There was another 'Chelsea Works' operating off Broad Street, Hanley]

Occupiers of the Burslem Chelsea works (with approximate dates):- 

Hollinshead & Griffiths 1890-1909
Harrison & Philips 1914-15
Gibson & Sons 1925 - 30 
Susie Cooper 1931-32
Vincent Pottery Co - probably between Susie Cooper and Szeiler 
Studio Szeiler Ltd 1957 - 86
Moorland Pottery 1986 - 


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