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Coalport Porcelain Works


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Coalport Porcelain Works
John Rose & Co
Coalport China Ltd

Established at Coalport, Shropshire, by John Rose late in the 18th century.
Later moved to Stoke-on-Trent (see Coalport)

From 1967 part of the Wedgwood Group.

Early pre-1805 porcelains were unmarked and marks were rarely used before 1820.
The early, pre-1820 Coalport wares have proved to be of a type of hard-paste porcelain.


Description & date

CO 1
Printed mark, one of several incorporating the name 'John Rose & Co' or 'J.Rose & Co'

Many printed marks also incorporate the initials 'J R & Co' or 'I R & Co'.
c. 1830-50

CO 2
Painted or gilt monogram mark.

c. 1851-61

CO 3
Printed or gilt 'ampersand' mark.

c. 1861-1875

The name 'Coalport' rarely appears with this mark.

CO 4
Printed or painted mark c. 1875-81

CO 5
Standard printed mark from 1881 to c.1939.

'England' added to the mark c.1891
'Made in England' replaced 'England' from about 1920.

CO 6

CO 7

CO 8




Standard marks with "England" - from c1891

Sometimes the name of the pattern is included.

CO 9

Date unknown (but includes 'Made in England' - so post 1920) - appears on a cottage ornament. 

CO 10
Example of post-war printed mark. The company moved from Coalport to Stoke in 1926 and continues to the present time as part of the Wedgwood Group.

Note the "Made in England"

CO 11

CO 12


more modern backstamps

The "CO number" under the backstamp is just my way of referring to the mark - they have no significance at all.


  Coalport China (John Rose & Co.) Ltd. Coalport, Shropshire, and from 1926 in the Staffordshire Potteries. 1899-1951 

The Coalport factory was established in Shropshire by John Rose in the 1790's. 
In 1899 John Rose & Co. became a limited liability company under its new owner Peter Bruff. The new title which was adopted included the old name. 

The basic printed marks were not amended and the products are discussed under the general heading "Coalport" or John Rose & Co in reference books. 

Note that from c.1891 the word 'England" was added. This became 'Made in England' in about 1920. 

In 1926 production was moved to the Staffordshire Potteries, and in 1951 the trade style was amended to the simpler "Coalport China Ltd."

Coalport Cream Jug
Coalport Cream Jug

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