Ceramic Trade Marks - H
Initials Used as Trade Marks - H


North Staffordshire Pottery Marks


Hammersley and Co



Hammersley and Co., Longton,  1887-1932

The potter was probably George Harris Hammersley, who worked in partnership with Harvey Adams ( Harvey Adams and Co.) up to Aug 4, 1885, after which Hammersley continued with Sarah Hammersley who was replaced by Gilbert Hammersley as from April 9, 1888. 

The firm title was changed from Harvey Adams & Co. to Hammersley & Co. in about 1887, but the old pattern books and pattern number sequences were continued by Hammersley. 

The standard marks incorporated the initials 'H & Co.', 'H & C '., or the full name ' Hammersley & Co.' 

The trade name Alsager China was also used. 



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H A & Co

H Adams & Co



H & Co

Hammersley & Co





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