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George Wade

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George WADE, (1864-1938), pottery manufacturer. Burslem


George Wade was born in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent in 1864 the son of George and Harriet Wade. His father George was (1871) a potters thrower and later (1891) a potters manager.

George Wade was educated at Nottingham University.

He became chairman of George Wade and Son, Ltd., making ceramic goods for the Lancashire cotton industry, electrical porcelain and art figures and groups. GW also had a business interest in Chromo Transfer Co., of Burslem.
Henry Hallen of Wellington Street works, Burslem also produced ceramics for the cotton industry (notably Creel Step's and Shuttle Eyes) his business was in the hands of the executors in 1896 & 1900 and eventually c.1905 George Wade bought the Hallen business and united the two concerns in a new factory called the Manchester Pottery.

George Wade served as secretary of the Earthenware Manufacturers' Association for a number of years. He was elected to Burslem council in 1895, serving until 1903 and again in 1906-7. He was chairman of the School Board 1898-1903 and in this capacity pioneered the correlation of art instruction in elementary schools with that in the art schools. He was involved in the financial dispute between Burslem and Tunstall over the cost of extra-district children's schooling. He favoured federation and gave evidence to the House of Commons committee, arguing that federation would improve teacher training and the provision of secondary and technical education in the area

George Wade was Liberal in politics and attended the local Wesleyan Methodist church. He served on the local and county benches of justices of the peace. For over 30 years he was president of the Burslem Mutual Assurance Collecting Society. In 1910 he served as president of the Burslem Association for the Prosecution of Felons.

He married Marie Hart and they had one son, (later Colonel) George Albert Wade. He died at Westwood, High Street, Wolstanton, on 1 January 1938.

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1901 census:

Dwelling: Porthill, (the Watlands)
Census Place: Wolstanton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England


Marr | age | sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Harriet Wade Wid | 72 | F Head Whitchurch, Shropshire  
William Wade S | 40 | M Son Tunstall, Staffordshire Manufacturer of earthenware and tiles (employer)
Eleanor Reade James M | 45 | F Daughter Tunstall, Staffordshire  
George Wade M | 37 | M Son Tunstall, Staffordshire Manufacturer of pottery used in textile industry (employer)
Marie Hart Wade M | 38 | F Daughter-in-law Castle Donnington, Leicestershire  
George Albert Wade | 9 | M Grandson Burslem, Staffordshire  
Albert Joseph Wade S | 35 | M Son Tunstall, Staffordshire Manufacturer of earthenware and tiles (employer)
Mary Ann Wade S | 33 | F Daughter Tunstall, Staffordshire  
Harriet Annie James S | 22 | F Granddaughter Norton-in-the-Moors, Staffordshire Elementary school teacher
Maud Price S | 21 | F Servant Silverdale, Staffordshire Domestic servant cook
Elizabeth Baskeyville S | 15 | F Servant Talk 'O the Hill, Staffordshire Domestic servant cook


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