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= people listed in "Who's Who in Staffordshire - 1934"

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Name   occupation place comments
George WADE b.1864 d.1938 pottery manufacturer Burslem  
George Albert Wade b.1891 d.1986 Pottery Manufacturer Newcastle
Warburton family 1750's on pottery manufacturer's Cobridge prominent Catholic family
James Wardle   Manager Longton  
William Wear        
Josiah Wedgwood I 1730-1795 pottery manufacturer Burslem, Etruria  
Josiah Wedgwood II 1769-1843 pottery manufacturer Etruria Member of Parliament
Lucie Wedgwood b.1864 Director of Wedgwood Potters Cheadle J.P.
Adolph Henry Charles Wenger b.1877 Ceramic Colour Manf. Trentham J.P. 
Alan Rock West b.1880 Bank Manager Stoke
Thomas Whieldon 1719-1795 Master Potter Fenton Low  
Thomas Willett b.1847 Pottery Engineer Audley J.P. 
William Williams v.1859 Church Minister Hanley
John Ayshford Wise   MP for Stafford    
Thomas Wood b.1866 China & Glass Dealer Stockton Brook
William Wood b.1844 Earthenware Manf. Porthill J.P. 
Edward Fenton Woodward b.1898 Clerk in Holy Orders Longton
Cecil John Wooley b.1894 Land Agent Longsdon Major
Thomas Wolfe b.1751 d.1818 Master Potter Stoke  
Thomas Worthington 1816-79 Pottery manufacturer Hanley  
John Wright b.1875 Company Director Chesterton Alderman
Samuel Wright