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Rev. Leonard J. Abington

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father: Leonard Joseph Abington  
Rev. Leonard James Abington wife:
(1) Harriet Munday (d.1808)
(2) Sarah Sandys
son: also named 'Leonard James Abington'
daughters: 6


1785 Born 17 Nov 1785 in London.
c.1800 L J Abington's grandmother (paternal) was converted to Christianity under the ministry of George Whitfield. She had an influence on him and around 1800 LJB joined the Baptist Church.
  Leonard James Abington took the trade of a pottery modeller.
Benjamin Wyatt (architect) employed him in decoration of the Drury Lane Theatre in London.
LJA carried out much of the decoration on the Bank of England.
1807 Abington married Harriet Munday (who died in 1808)
1811 Abington married Sarah Sandys (daughter of a Baptist minister).
1819 Leonard  moved from London to the Potteries (for 'health' reasons). At the invitation of Jacob Phillips a co-deacon with L.J. Abington at the 'Little Wild Street Church", Bloomsbury, London.
  Abington worked at Phillips' pottery which was located at the Church Works in Hanley.
Phillips' successor at this works was Joseph Mayer and Abington worked as a modeller for him.
1820 LJA and Phillips reopened the Baptist Church in New Street, Hanley (now Goodson Street).  Leonard James Abington and his father preached there (and also at Burslem) for some years.
1824 Edited the 'Pottery Mercury' a newspaper published by Thomas Allbut
1832 At the Ironmarket, Newcastle a Baptist meeting house was registered. LJA became the pastor there.
1834 In an attempt to heal a division among the congregation of Hanley Baptist Church - he also became pastor there in 1834.
1834 Held the office of Chief Bailiff of Hanley and Shelton in 1834
1836 LJA helped to bring a lengthy strike in the pottery industry to an end.
1831-38 Leonard James Abington was in partnership with William Ridgway as William Ridgway & Co.
LJA was works chemist and also improved the relief modelling on Ridgway jugs.
  Later Abington entered into partnership with Edward John Ridgway (one of William Ridgway's sons) as Ridgway & Abington
  When Joseph Mayer died he left Abington 10,000 - Abington was then able to retire from business.
1867 Leonard James Abington died August 9th 1867 at Northwood, Hanley.

British and Foreign Bible Society (Hanley Branch) - with William Ridgway and Josiah Wedgwood II, Leonard James Abington helped to found the Hanley Branch.

Abington was a life governor of the National Society (Church of England) for promoting religious education.

He had radical and Liberal political opinions.

Abington lectured to the Pottery Philosophical Society.