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Thomas Wolfe

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Thomas Wolfe b.1751 d.1818

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Born - son of Thomas Wolfe and Elizabeth (ne Bell)


Thomas Wolfe had a factory in the town of Stoke-upon-Trent. On the north-east side of the Newcastle canal.


By this date he was manufacturing queen's ware, cane ware and Egyptian black ware.


Steam engine erected in the works to drive a grinder for calcined flint. Thomas Wolfe was said to be the first manufacturer to do this.

late 1790's

Commenced China manufacture in Stoke.

1813 A 30 year lease to the mining rights on the Fenton Park estate was let to Spode, Wolfe & Minton.


Thomas Wolfe died 19 October 1818 and was buried in Stoke churchyard.


 In 1818 Thomas's widow Rachel let the two pottery works to William Adams



Thomas Wolfe also manufactured china at the Islington China works (Liverpool) between 1792 and 1818. Firstly with John Davenport (1792-1800); then with Miles Mason and John Lucock and Wolfe & Co (1796-1800); lastly with is son-in-law Robert Hamilton (1800-1818).

He also had business partnerships with Josiah Spode.


Thomas's father - Thomas Wolfe senior (b.1720 d.1800) was a partner in the pottery company Bell and Wolfe of Lane End (Longton).

Thomas's brother - George Wolfe was in partnership in Fenton with Miles Mason (1796-1800). The pottery operated by George Wolfe & Miles Mason [as tenants of the Rev. Jon Wolfe] was in Market Street (now King Street), it was later known as the Victoria Works.


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