Famous Potters of Stoke-on-Trent

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The Masons of Lane Delph

A family of potters trading under various styles at Lane Delph and Fenton from c.1800 to c.1854

Charles James Mason patented the famous 'PATENT IRONSTONE CHINA' in 1813

The Mason patterns, moulds, etc., passed through several firms to Messrs. G L Ashworth & Bros in 1861. This firm was renamed 'Mason's Ironstone China Ltd' in 1968.


Miles Mason 1752-1822

Miles was born at Dent in Yorkshire. He began his successful career as a glass manufacturer and china dealer, then he started to make pottery at Liverpool and then in Staffordshire, moving to the Minerva Works in Fenton.
In 1813 he handed the business over to his two sons George and Charles James. It was Charles James Mason who invented 'Ironstone'.
In 1815 when the lease with Josiah Spode expired they moved to what is now Victoria Place, there they began to manufacture ironstone.

  George Miles Mason

He retired in 1829 and purchased Wetley Abbey in 1832. Here he devoted himself to literature and painting. 
The estate originally belonged to William Adams a famous potter of Tunstall (whose name and factory are now owned by Wedgwood.)

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