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T & R Boote, tile manufacturers, Waterloo Road, Burslem 

ENCAUSTIC TILES. Boote, T. and R., Ltd., Waterloo Road Works, and Portland Works, Newcastle Street, Burslem. 

"Founded 1842 by Thomas Latham Boote and Richard Boote at the Central Pottery, Burslem; manufacturers of parian statuary and vases. Various factories were occupied, the Kilncroft Works, and finally the Waterloo Potteries. Tiles and 'Granite' earthenware were made from about 1850. When T. L. Boote retired in Sep¬tember 1879, the business was continued by Richard Boote (d.1891) with the help of his sons. In 1894 the firm became a limited liability company. Blackwall Tunnel was tiled through¬out by T. & R. Boote. The Bootes disputed with Copelands and Mintons the invention of parian."

Encylopedia of English Pottery & Porcelain
Mankowitz & Haggar

"Messrs T & R Boote, of Waterloo Pottery, have highly distinguished themselves as manufacturers of Parian Statuary, White Granite Porcelain, and Royal Mosaic Ware, of which latter they are the patentees."

History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851


Regent Street East (off Waterloo Road), Burslem 
Regent Street East (off Waterloo Road), Burslem 
photo: E.J.D. Warrillow
to the left is the Waterloo Tile Works of T & R Boote, in the distance is the Royal Doulton Works on Nile Street
the building on the right is the corner of the Methodist Bethel Chapel. 


Zion Street
Google Street View - 2011 
Regent Street East was renamed Zion Street in the mid 1950's
the works of T & R Boote has been replaced by a supermarket, the works of Royal Doulton
has been demolished - only the Methodist Chapel is still standing, but this has been empty for
a number of years.  


1898 map of Regent Street East
1898 map of Regent Street East 
the red arrow shows the direction the photo was taken from
blue circle - T & R Boote
red circle - Royal Doultons


T & R Boote advert from the 1862 Slater Directory
T & R Boote advert from the 1862 Slater Directory

advert courtesy: Staffordshire Potters - R.K. Henrywood


from: 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'


Waterloo Road 

(2, Nile Street)


—Here is Swan Square—


1 Zealand Meat Co., butchers 

3 Templeman, John, fish dealer

7 Larkins, Agnes, fried fish

9 Barker, T., watchmaker and jeweller

11 Bratt, Catherine, greengrocer

13 Savitz, Abraham, tailor (high class)

15 Newark, M., stationer and newsagent

17 Williams, C, hairdresser

19 Barker, James, tinsmith

21 Girolami. I. Tu G., icecream and oyster saloon

23 Davies, Herbert, grocer and tea dealer

25 Harris, Francis W., mill furnisher, belting and pulleys, renewable valves, engineers' and colliery stores

—Here is Union Street—


27 Leigh, H., boot and shoe maker and repairer

27A Howell, John Meredith, saddler & harness maker

29 Johnson, S., hosiers and underclothing dealers

31 Wood, Henry, Blacksmith

33 Byrne, Thomas, grocer and bread dealer

37 Massey, Jos. H., chimney sweep

39 Ashley, Wm.. tripe dealer

43 Durber, J., furniture dealer

Boote, T. and R., Ltd., manufacturers of encaustic, glazed and painted,, and decorated tiles




T & R Boote tile



T & R Boote tiles




contents: 2011 photos



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