A photo walk around Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent
Cobridge: A Victorian Suburb

Number 192 Waterloo Road
Grange House

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Four large detached villas in a late classical style were constructed on four plots: Asply House (188), Wellington House (190), and Grange House (192) (the fourth house (194) has since been demolished and a squash court built on the site). 

this house can be seen on the 1878 OS map

Grange House, 192 Waterloo Road
Grange House, 192 Waterloo Road
in 1881 home of
Edwin J.D. BODLEY and family

the squash court (location of 194) can just be seen on the left - this was the home of William Boulton (of the notable engineering company)

detail of the main entrance
detail of the main entrance



photos: 2001

next:  188 (Asply House) & 186-184 (Camoys Terrace)
previous: location of "Dr. Sterlington's" house (from Bennett's 'The Old Wife's Tale')


on Bodley pottery companies.


1881 census:

Dwelling: 192 Waterloo Road
Census Place: Burslem, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Edwin J.D. BODLEY  M 36 M Head Rochford, Essex, China MFacturer Master Employing 140 Persons Town Councillor
Elizabeth E. BODLEY  M 32 F Wife Wellington, New Zealand  
Edwin T.B. BODLEY  U 10 M  Son Burslem Scholar
Amy M.E. BODLEY 9 F Daur Burslem Scholar
Florence K. BODLEY  6 F Daur Burslem Scholar
Beta B. BODLEY 1 F Daur Burslem  
Frederick E.W. GOWING  14 M  Nephew Napier, New Zealand Scholar
Annie E. GRIFFITH M 36 F Visitor Edmonton, Middlesex  
Matilda BARRATT  W 50 F  Serv Coventry, Warwick Servant Domestic
Martha STREET  U 28 F Serv Silverdale, Staffordshire Servant Domestic
Eliza PHILLIPS  U 23 F  Serv Little Haywood, Staffordshire Servant Domestic


"The 1881 census list's EJD Bodley's oldest son as Edwin T. D. Bodley.  I believe, based on family records that I have, and my grandmother's knowledge of her father, his full name was Edwin Frederick Blaker Bodley, born September 11, 1870.
This would then list him as Edwin F. B. Bodley, rather than Edwin T. B. Bodley.
Edwin F B Bodley emigrated to the U.S. on March 23, 1899, from Liverpool."

information received from Matthew Nazar, Readfield, Maine, U.S.A. (January 2002) who is the great grandson of Edwin F. B. Bodley



updated: 26/01/2002