A photo walk around Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent
Cobridge: A Victorian Suburb


This section is a history walk around Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent. 

The first section deals with the early history of Cobridge to the end of the 1830's. 
The second section looks at the suburban development of the area between Cobridge and Burslem during the Victorian period.


This walk is a summary of notes by Andrew Dobraszczyc.
The web pages and photographs by Steve Birks during the walk (2001)

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| Street map of the walk around Cobridge |



1 Sneyd Street & Cobridge School
2 Raven Public House & Wilshaw Scrap Merchants.
3 Top of Waterloo Road
4 Brownfield Terrace
5 Christ Church & vicarage 
6 St Peters RC Church and Hall
7 Simpson Potworks
8 Typical Victorian Housing on Waterloo Road
9 The New Queen public house & Arnold Bennett's home
10 Grange Terrace  numbers 196 - 202 Waterloo Road
11 Grange House & Camoys Terrace
12 The American Hotel, Stag Inn & Blue Bell Inn
13 Rushton Road
14 Cobridge Station


(the maps will take a few moments to load and open up in another window)

 1775 Yates map of Cobridge 
 Thomas Hargreaves map of Cobridge 1832
 Sneyd Street / Elder Road junction 1851 (section from ordnance survey map)
Roman Catholic Church 1851 (section from ordnance survey map)
Christ Church 1851 (section from ordnance survey map)
Waterloo Road 1878 (section from ordnance survey map)
1878 OS map of Cobridge
1924 OS map of Cobridge

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