Hartshill Cemetery (reflecting the values of Victorian Society)



Queens Road


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Queens Road looking towards Princes Road.
Queens Road looking towards Princes Road.
The sexton's lodge is on the left of the road.



Stoke Corporation agreed to purchase 21 acres of land for the cemetery from Frederick Bishop at a cost of 3,450. The agreement included the proviso that the corporation was to pay half of the cost of a new road - Queens Road to run from the cemetery to Princes Road at Hartshill. Frederick Bishop then tried to persuade the North Staffordshire Infirmary to pay the other half of the cost of Queens Road. They refused and he then got the corporation to agree to pay two thirds of the cost of the new road and the hospital the remaining third. 

Frederick Bishop extended Queens Road to Penkhull at his own expense in the mid 1880s and began to sell sites for new houses. 

Stoke Corporation approved the plans for the first houses for John Leigh and James Winkle in May 1886. Shortly afterwards a large detached villa was built midway along the road for John Fitzherbert Campbell, eldest surviving nephew of Colin Minton Campbell. By 1891 eight houses had been built in Queens Road and three were under construction at the time of the census. 


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