Hartshill Cemetery (reflecting the values of Victorian Society)


The social classes did not mix in life - or in death - the ground was divided into first, second, third and fourth class graves for each religious denomination. 

There was a dispute about the number of cemetery chapels to be built. ...... the council accepted a petition from the churchwardens at St Peter’s church that there should be one chapel “for church people” and another for “dissenters” and by 14 votes to 7 agreed to build two chapels without consulting the ratepayers.


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Locations & photos of the tour (click on the numbers in left column)
intro Introduction and location map
1 The entrance on Queens Road and Cemetery office
2 Registrars Lodge at the northern entrance to the cemetery [1891 census details]
3 Centre of the 'first class' graves
4 The two cemetery chapels (C. of E. and Nonconformist)
5 1st class monuments of local publicans 
6 The graves of the Patzer's - managers of the North Staffs Hotel
7 The 'best' location - Colin Minton Campbell
7a The monument of William H Goss
8 The CofE second class graves - (Hugo Boswell, 'King' of the gypsies) 
8a Other notable monuments in 2nd class area 
9 Transition between 2nd and 3rd class graves 
10 Transition between 3rd and 4th class graves 
11 2nd class Roman Catholic area
12 The 1st Class Roman Catholic Area (Colin Minton Campbell's wife - Louisa)
13 The 'modern graves' area
14 Graves of the 2nd World War servicemen 
15 The Sexton's Lodge [1891 census details]
16 Queens Road

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Additional notes and maps (which support the tour)

  The cemetery chapels and architect (Charles Lynam) 
1898 Ordnance Survey Map of the cemetery layout  
The Registrar and Sexton  [and 1891 census returns]
The duties of the registrar (1899)
The grave block plan - how the cemetery was divided up
Map showing ground allocated to the different religious denominations
Map showing division of the cemetery into 4 classes of graves
Consecration of the new cemetery
The new borough cemetery and the first burial 
Burials at Stoke borough cemetery, Hartshill; 1890, 1895, 1900
Obituary for Colin Minton Campbell
The Cemetery Committee minutes; selections 1884 - 1910
Queens Road (including 1891 census returns)
Cemetery rules and regulations in 1907
1924 Ordnance Survey map

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This walk is based on notes by Andrew Dobraszczyc,
web pages and photographs by Steve Birks during the walk (May 2000)

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