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The 'best' location - Colin Minton Campbell



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Location of Colin Minton Campbell's grave

Colin Minton Campbell donated 500 towards the laying-out of the new cemetery. In return he was allowed the first choice of a burial site for his family. As one might expect he chose a prominent site immediately adjacent to the main entrance where an imposing memorial was erected after his death in 1885.


The area directly in front of the main entrance
The area directly in front of the main entrance

Rear left
William Kirkham JP
Pottery Manufacturer
Mayor of Stoke 1890-3
Rear centre
Colin Minton Campbell
Colin Herbert Campell
Pottery Manufacturers


Rear right
Michael Hoole Ashwell
Medical officer of health for S-o-T
Front centre
Henry Charles Faram
Mayor of Stoke 1893-4


Sacred to the Memory of Colin Minton Campbell
Sacred to the Memory of 
Colin Minton Campbell


In Affectionate Memory of Colin Herbert Campbell
In Affectionate Memory of 
Colin Herbert Campbell 
Grandson of
Colin Minton Campbell

Chairman of Mintons Limited
and of
The Campbell Tile Co Limited
Died August 25, 1955
Age 67


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