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The duties of the registrar (1899)


Borough of Stoke-on-Trent


The person appointed will be expected to devote the whole of his time to the office, and 

1. To keep regularly and punctually written up the following books

Cash Book.
Registers of Graves.
Register of Burials.
Parchment Grant.
Wages Book.
Grass Sales Book.
Postage Book,

and any other Books which the Committee may from time to time order to be kept. 

2. To receive all orders for making, opening, turfing and flowering Graves.

3. To receive all fees, cash for sales of grass, and to give receipts for same on printed form.

4. To receive and pay Minister's Fees.

5. To receive Certificates as required by the Burial Act.

6. To pay into the National Provincial Bank on the 1st of each month all moneys received in the preceding month.

7. To make out Weekly Wage Sheet, and forward same to Borough Accountant each Friday morning.

8. To pay men's wages each Friday evening, and take receipt for same in the usual manner.

9. To report monthly to the Cemetery Committee as to receipts, etc.

10. To submit all Designs for Headstones to the Cemetery Committee.

11. To write all orders for goods, etc., required on the Official Order Form, and submit same to the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of Committee for approval and signature.

12. To forward the "Grant Book" to Town Clark monthly.

13. To enter daily into the Sexton's Book particulars of Graves to be made and opened; also particulars as to turfing, flowering, etc., of Graves.

14. To be responsible for the heating and cleaning of the Chapels.

15. To be responsible for the Greenhouses, Flower Beds, Shrubs, Bedding-out, Walks and Grounds generally, and conduct of Funerals with such help as may be authorised by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

16. To see to the closing and opening of Cemetery at the proper time, and he carrying out on Sundays as well as Week-days of the Bye-laws as set out on the Notice Boards at the entrances to Cemetery, with the assistance of one man on Sundays.

17. To generally carry out the instructions of the Committee.

18. That a month's notice on either side terminate the engagement.

19. That the salary shall be 70 per annum. together with house, coal, gas and rates free.

MAY 10th, 1899.



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