Cauldon Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

The Cauldon Place works of Brown-Westhead, Moore and Co
- founded c.1802 by Job Ridgway -
This picture from "A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated)"
a 1893 advertising and trade journal. Page 9  from the journal


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1802 1814 Job Ridgway (& Son 1808-14) The works were founded in about 1802 by Job Ridgway (He had formerly been in partnership with his brother George at the Bell Works c.1782-1802)
1814 1830 J & W Ridgway Job Ridgway died in 1814 and his two sons, John & William Ridgway carried on.
1830 1855 John Ridgway (& Co) In 1830 a dissolution of partnership took place. John Ridgway continuing at the Cauldon Place Works and William moved to a new manufactory which he had erected.
1856 1858 John Ridgway, Bates & Co  
1859 1861 Bates, Brown-Westhead & Moore  
1862 1904 T.C. Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co  
1905 1920 Cauldon Ltd  
1920 1962 Cauldon Potteries Ltd  

The business of Cauldon Potteries ltd declined and by 1936 most of the buildings on the Cauldon Pottery Works site had been vacated. In 1938 some of these were devastated by a fire. During the Second World War, the derelict buildings were used for the training of Civil Defence Workers.
The use of part of the site for further education originated in 1946 when the newly-created Building Department of the Stoke-on-Trent Technical College was established here. In 1958 the College of Commerce was erected on the site. In 1963 the elms Technical College was established on the Cauldon site in 1963, the business of Cauldon Potteries Ltd having being taken over and moved off site the previous year.  photos of the college

In 1962 the firm was divided when the porcelain side was continued by E.W. Brain & Co. Ltd., (now Coalport, which in turn is part of the Wedgwood group).

The business of Cauldon Potteries Ltd. was acquired by Pountney & Co. Ltd. of Bristol during the later part of 1962.  The business of Pountney Ltd failed in 1977.

The trade style Cauldon Potteries Ltd. Was re-established by the Perkes Ceramic Group of the Kingston & Ferrybridge Potteries in Yorkshire in 1985 



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