Hope Street Works, Hanley

Richard Dudson (Broad Street works) 1800 

The Hope Street (Hanover Street) works is now a listed building. It is used as a community and conference centre.

From To Occupier Comments
1809 1839 Thomas Dudson  
1838 1888 James Dudson Biography of James Dudson
1888 1889 J.T. (James Thomas) Dudson  1893 article of Hope Street works under J T Dudsons ownership.
1898 - Dudson Bros  

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Interior of Hope Street Works
Interior of Hope Street Works
Around 1893

Dudson Pottery frontage - Hope Street is to the left and York Street to the right.
Photo taken 1983, Ian Bailey

More photos and 1898 location map for Dudsons


Hope Street Works 

Established in 1800. In 1838, James Dudson entered upon the works and carried them on till his death in 1882. They were then continued by his son. At one time, ornamental china figures, vases, and services were made. The productions were later white and coloured stoneware jugs, tea and coffee pots, sugar- boxes, etc., metal-mounted goods, flower-pots, candlesticks, etc. Among the registered designs for jugs were the 'Fern', 'Argyle', 'Barley', 'Vine-border', 'Pineapple', and 'Wheatsheaf' patterns, which were produced in a variety of colours. Wedgwood-type jasper ware in brown, green or blue was also produced in quantity (Plate 45). In mosaic ware, Mr. Dudson made a variety of articles in white, drab, blue, and other bodies inlaid with a variety of colours. These included tea and coffee-pots, sugar- bowls, jugs, etc., of different shapes. James Dudson, who received 'honourable mention' in the Exhibitions of 1851 and 1862, supplied both home and foreign markets. Some ware, including jugs and rare hen boxes, is impressed- marked DUDSON. Messrs. Dudson Brothers Ltd. continue at Hope Street, Hanley, to the present day. 

From Jewitt's "Ceramic Art of Great Britain, 1800-1900" 


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