Sutherland Road Works, Longton
Alsager Pottery, Longton


Sutherland Road Works

"These works were commenced in 1862 by Messrs. Adams, Scrivener & Co. Mr. Scrivener having a few years afterwards retired from the business, Mr. Adams was joined by Titus Hammersley and the concern was carried on by them under the style of Harvey Adams & Co. until the death of Mr. Hammersley in 1875, when he was succeeded by his son George Harris Hammersley, the style of the firm remaining as before. The productions comprised china, semi-china, and fine stoneware.

In earthenware, toilet and all the usual table services, and numberless useful articles of the best designs and highest finish were made. In stoneware, jugs, teapots, and other articles were produced, as was also in china, tea, breakfast, dinner, dessert, trinket, toilet and other services, jugs of various kinds, vases, and an endless variety of ornamental and highly decorated goods. The quality of the china was remarkably fine and good, and the glaze of more than average excellence.

...a very large number are of a high class character. In these, Mr. Slater (who left the firm in 1881) happily realised the full force of the special characteristics of this ancient style of art and produced works admirably drawn and exquisitely coloured. He was succeeded as art-director by John Marshall (a talented flower-painter), who ably maintained the reputation of the firm, evincing great taste and experience in the production of new shapes and designs of the Persian, Chinese, and Japanese schools, which commanded heavy sales in the home, American and Australian markets. In 1885, Mr. Harvey Adams retired and G. Hammersley continued as Hammersley & Co. into the twentieth century. The present firm is Hammersley & Co (Longton) Ltd., of the Alsager Pottery, Longton."

Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900


From To Occupier Comments
1862   Adams, Scrivener & Co  
  1885 Adams & Hammersley Titus Hammersley joined the company after Mr. Scrivener retired. In 1875 Titus Hammersley died and his son George Harris Hammersley succeeded him in the company.
1885   Hammersley & Co In 1885, Mr. Harvey Adams retired

the Alsager Works
mid 20th century 1:1250 map
showing the Alsager Works which is the same building as the Prince of Wales Works

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