Colonial Pottery, Stoke


"Messrs. Winkle & Wood (formerly of the Pearl Pottery, Hanley) took the Colonial Pottery in 1889. In 1890, F. Winkle continued the Colonial Pottery as F. Winkle & Co. (while Wood continued the Pearl Pottery). General earthenware was produced. Marks incorporate the initials F W & Co. 'Ltd' was added after 1910, and the firm continued to about 1931."

From "Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900" Jewitt.

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Map and Photos of Colonial Pottery


The Colonial Pottery
The Colonial Pottery - 1893

From "A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated)
1893 advertising and trade journal. Page 74

Messrs. F. Winkle and Co., Opaque Porcelain Manufacturers,
Colonial Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent"

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