Crown Staffordshire China Co Ltd


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Crown Staffordshire China Co Ltd




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At the Minerva Works, Park Street, Fenton.

Previously: Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co
Subsequently: the Minerva works was taken by the Wedgwood Group for use by Coalport China.

"In 1948 the name of the company was changed to Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd. and two subsidiary companies were established, in Canada and America, to control distribution abroad. In the 1950s three quarters of total production was exported. Agents were employed in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Belgium.

In 1952 the Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd. was described by the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review as the largest producer of china flowers in the Potteries as well as producing many figure and bird studies. Over 200 people were employed in the factory's decorating department.

In 1965 the Green family's connection with the company ceased and the company became part of the Wedgwood Group in 1973. Christmas plates were manufactured from 1972-1981 (1972-76 exclusively for export). From 1985 the name Crown Staffordshire was not used, the name Coalport Ltd. (also part of the Wedgwood Group) being used instead."

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