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Campbell, O'Donnell & Davis

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Campbell Brick & Tile Co  Stoke (c.1875-1882)

Campbell Tile Co  Stoke (1882 - ?)

Campbell, O'Donnell & Davis  Fenton (1887)

Canning Pottery Co  Fenton (c.1896-c.1936)

John and Thomas Capper

Alfred Capper & Company  Longport (1884-1893)

Capper & Wood Longport (1894-1904)

The Cara China Co

Caradon Bathrooms

John Carey & Son

Thomas & John Carey

Caroline Pottery Ltd

John Carr & Son(s) - not a Stoke-on-Trent company

John Cartlich

(Conick) Sam. Cartlich

S & J Cartlidge

Samuel and Thomas Cartlich

Cartlidge & Beech

Richard Cartlidge

F Cartlidge & Co

W E Cartlidge

Cartlidge & Matthias

Thomas Cartwright

William Cartwright

Cartwright & Edwards

Cauldon Potteries Ltd  1920-62

Ceramic Art Co Ltd  (Hanley) 1892-1903

Ceramic Art Co (1905) Ltd (Stoke) 1905-19

Challinor & Mayer  (Fenton) 1887

C Challinor & Co   (Fenton) 1892-96

Edward Challinor  (Tunstall) 1842-67

E Challinor & Co  (Fenton) 1852-62

E & C Challinor  (Fenton) 1862-91

D Chapman & Sons

Chapmans, Longton, Ltd

C & E Chatterley

J  L Chetham

J.R. & F. Chetham

Chetham & Son

Chelenor and Adams

Chetham & Robinson

Chetham and Woolley

John Chew (Longton) 1903-4

Christie and Beardmore

Circle Pottery (Stoke) 1936-38

Edward Clarke (Tunstall, Longport, Burslem) c.1865-1887

A J Clay & Co  Longton (c.1891-99)

Clayton Bone China (Longton) 1958-62

Clayton & Cotton  Burslem, (? - 1886)

J Clementson (Shelton) 1839-1864

Clementson Bros (Shelton) 1865-1916

Clementson, Young & Jameson (Shelton) 1844 

Clementson & Young (Shelton) 1845 - 1847 

Robert Clulow and Co

George Clews and Co Ltd

Ralph & James Clews

Stephen Clive (& Co)

Clive & Lloyd

Valentine Close

Alfred Clough Ltd

Clowes & Williamson

Coalbrook Potteries

Coalport China Ltd

Coalport Porcelain Works

Cockson  Cobridge (1862-65) 

Cockson & Chetwynd Cobridge (1866-75) 

Cockson & Seddon Cobridge (1876-77) 

Colclough & Co

J Colclough

H J Colclough

Colclough China Ltd

James Colclough (1867-1887)

Colclough & Lingard (1887-1900) 

Colclough & Townsend Fenton (1846-50) 

Coloroll Ceramics Group

Caleb Cole & Co

Collectible World Studios

A Collingwood

Collingswood & Greatbatch (Longton) 1870-87

Collingwood Bros  (Longton) 1887-1957

Collingwood China Ltd

John Collinson

James Collinson

Alfred Colley (Tunstall) 1909-14

T Cone (Thomas, Ltd)

Conway Pottery Co Ltd

Robert Cooke  [Hanley, 1871-79]

Cooke & Griffiths

Cooke & Hulse

T Cooper

T Cooper

Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd

Cooper Clayton Pottery   Hanley, [late 1940's - early 1950's]

Cooper Nixon & Co [1863-76]

Cooper & Dethick [1876-88]

William Cooper & Sons [1888-91]

Cooper & Smith

Cooper, Till & Co

Coopers (Anchor Pottery) Ltd

Cooper, Morton & Garside  Hanley (1879-80)

The Susie Cooper Pottery Ltd

Susie Cooper China Ltd

J H Cope & Co Longton (1887-1946)

J T Cope & Co  Hanley (c.1884-88)

Cope & Edwards

J Copeland

W T Copeland (and Sons) (1847-1970), Stoke

Copeland & Garrett  (1833-47), Stoke

G Copestake

W Copestake Jnr

Copestake & Allin

Copestick, Hassal & Gerrard

Edward Corn

W & E Corn

Corn, Lythgoe & Edge  Burslem (Aug 1850 - Oct 1850)

John Cornie

Cork & Condliffe

Cork & Edge  (1846-60), Burslem

Cork, Edge & Malkin (1860-71)

Coronation Pottery Co Ltd

Elijah Cotton Hanley (1880-89)

E Cotton (Elijah, Ltd) Hanley (1885-1981)

Crown China Crafts Ltd

Crown Lynn Ceramics (UK) Ltd   Longton (1971-1985)

Crown Staffordshire China Co Ltd

Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co Ltd

Crown Winsor 

Cumberlidge & Humphreys

Cumberlidge, Humphreys & Hele

Cumberlidge & Hines  Longton  (? - c.1900)

Joseph Cyples

Lydia Cyples

Cyples and Barker

Cyples & Deakin



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