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Henry William Baddeley 




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Henry William Baddeley (b.1807 d.1864) (Married Elizabeth Taylor Caulkin)

Manufacturer of earthenware in rustic, toy, tobacco pots and terra cotta figures at Queen Street & Market Lane , Hanley; and then from 1846 onwards at Wharf Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.

He also held works in St. Martins Lane and Commerce Street, Longton - which his widow (Elizabeth) took over on his death in 1864.

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"The works at Eastwood having been sold, his son, William Baddeley [Henry William Baddeley], commenced in Queen Street, Hanley for the manufacture of terra-cotta articles; and a large trade was carried on in earthenware knobs for tin and japanned tea and coffee-pots. He also made fancy pipes, japanned terra-cotta, and other goods.
At the Market Lane Works, he was the first to make telegraph insulators in iron moulds with screw and lever pressure.
In 1846, the works were removed to Longton (Wharf Street), and here the manufacture of imitation stag, buck, and buffalo-horn and bone handles for knives and forks for the Sheffield trade was first introduced.
In this branch, a very good trade was done, but the working handlers of Sheffield refused to work them up, and threats were sent to several masters that if they did not give up the terra-cotta knife-handle trade their works would be blown up. The masters, thus intimidated, gave up the use of these handles, and on Mr. Baddeley visiting Sheffield an attack was made on his life. Letters were sent to him on his return threatening that, if he did not give up making the handles, he and his works 'would be done for'. The manufacture was then discontinued. Mr. Baddeley, who died in 1864, held the St. Martin's Lane Works, and his widow [Elizabeth] carried on business in Commerce Street from 1864 to 1875.

Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900.

For the sake of clarity: William Baddeley (who started manufacturing about 1720) was the father of the William Baddeley (b.1780) who operated between 1802 & 1820. The son of the second William Baddeley was also named William Baddely!! (his full name I think was "Henry William Baddeley")

map showing the location of Queen Street, Hanley

map showing the location of Market Lane, Hanley

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