W R Midwinter Ltd


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W R Midwinter Ltd




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Albion and Hadderidge Potteries, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

1956 article on Midwinter


The Midwinter factory was started in 1910 by Roy Midwinter's father, William Robinson Midwinter. originally located at the Bournes Bank pottery. the factory quickly outgrew the space and moved to the Albion Pottery in 1914.

The factory's early production was standard tea and dinner ware with the popular patterns of the era, namely Art Deco type images and shapes. The factory followed the fashion for conical holloware and angular handles, producing nothing remarkable.

One area where the factory did excel was in the production of nurseryware, employing the eminent designer William Heath Robinson. He designed a series of nurseryware with unusual patterns and these items are rare and sought after.

The factory prospered until the war when most of the site was given over to Government ministries. Roy Midwiter joined the company in 1946 and set about revolutionising British tableware.



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