William Ridgway (& Co)


Location and period of operation:

William Ridgway & Co




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Manufacturer of earthenware the Bell Works, Albion Street and Church Works, Hanley, Stoke-upon-Trent


  • The brothers John Ridgway and William Ridgway were in partnership at the Cauldon Works from 1814-30. 

  • In 1830 the two brothers inherited the Bell Works from their uncle George, John kept the Cauldon Works and William moved to the Bell works.

  • The Church Works were owned by Joseph Mayer who, in about 1832, rented part of the works to William Ridgway.

  • William Ridgway was Joseph Mayer's cousin. Joseph Mayer had in his employ a 'clever modeller', Leonard James Abington, who was also a chemist, and he placed him in partnership, thus making the '& Co' in William Ridgway & Co. 

  • When Joseph Mayer ceased potting in 1832 he then let the majority of his works to W. Ridgway & Co., retained an oven and other parts of the works, 


Formerly: John & William Ridgway [1814-30] 

Concurrently: William Ridgway, Son & Co [1841-48] 

Also see: The Ridgway family of potters



jug in light blue stoneware by William Ridgway
with hand painted flowers and guilded accents

relief moulded stoneware jug dated  October 1, 1835

The jug is decorated with relief moulded designs and figures, 
which are scenes from the Robert Burns poem about Tam O'Shanter.

similar style jugs were also made by William Ridgway, Son & Co 


William Ridgway & Co plate in the Marmora pattern

Marks and Initials used on ware for identification:

W. R.


W. R. & Co.


raised pad on the base of the jug shown above 


the backstamp is on and applied pad of clay  
the mark displays an urn and anchor in relief along with 
W. Ridgway & Co. impressed along a ribbon banner at the bottom.


published by
October 1, 1835

impressed mark 



a printed mark with an urn and beehive
ORIENTAL is the pattern name 

W R & Co

a printed mark with an urn and anchor
MARMORA is the pattern name 

the inclusion of '& Co' indicates 
a date 1834-54


The Bell works 
In 1830 the two brothers, John & William Ridgway, 
inherited the Bell Works from their uncle George.
John stayed at the Cauldon Works and William took the Bell Works.

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The Church works 

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