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Thomas Till & Son




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Earthenware manufacturer at the Sytch Pottery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.

Note: many potters liked to put a date on their pottery as far back as possible and a date may be the date the works started or a date of an earlier partneship. 

On some Thomas Till ware a date of "1825" is displayed - however the earliest recorded operation date involving Till is Barker, Sutton & Till which dates from 1834.

An advertisement for Thos. Till & Sons in "The Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review Diary 1922" p. 24.  also states "Estd. 1825" on the advert.  The Sytch Pottery would appear to have been worked by John Hall & Sons at that time (from 1802 - 1832) so the 1825 reference is a mystery. 

Formerly: Barker & Till

"From 1850, it [Sytch Pottery] remained in the hands of Thomas Till, who joined in partnership with his sons and the firm became Thomas Till & Sons. 

The ware produced was good middle- class earthenware. Besides earthenware of the usual average quality - in which services and innumerable useful articles were made by them - Messrs. Till produced coloured bodies of various kinds (cane, sage, drab and lilac); stoneware of a hard and durable kind for jugs, etc.; jet glazed ware; terra-cotta; enamelled ware; and various coloured lustres. These were principally intended for the home trade. 

At the Paris Exhibition of 1855, the firm received a certificate of merit. The mark used was the name of the firm in various forms. Messrs. Thomas Till & Sons (Ltd.) continued to 1928."

From "Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britian"


Selected by the Committee for the Staffordshire Potteries 
to exhibit at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1855

At the Paris Exhibition of 1855, the firm received a certificate of merit


Thomas Till c.1877
Thomas Till c.1877
from a presentation made by his employees

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1881 census:

at the time of the 1881 census Thomas Till and one of his sons William were evidently living in the same house:-

Dwelling: Rocklands House
Census Place: Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Thomas TILL  W 76 M  Head Burslem Earthenware Manufacturer Employing 200 Work People

Dwelling: Rocklands House
Census Place: Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
William F. TILL  M 47 M Head Burslem Earthenware Manufacturer
Mary TILL M 48 F Wife Oswestry, Shropshire Wife
Sarah MEAKIN  U 21 F Serv Uttoxeter Domestic Servant
Elizabeth BROUGH  U 28 F Serv Swinnerton Domestic Servant

Initials and marks used on ware for identification:







Marks with "& SON" are prior to c.1861 when the style changed to "& SONS"

Marks with a banner and flower branches marked "T.TILL & SONS" are c.1861

Marks with the registration diamond and "TILL & SONS" are c.1867

Marks with a globe and "TILL & SONS" are c.1880

Marks with a globe and "TILL & SONS" and "BURSLEM ENGLAND" are c.1919



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A commemoration of Thomas Till by his workforce - 1877
A commemoration of Thomas Till by his workforce - 1877
in the scroll at the very top of the page is a picture of Josiah Wedgwood

To Thomas Till, Esq.

We the Employe's of the Firm of

Messrs. TILL & SONS


beg to present you the Senior Member of the Firm with a LIFE SIZE PORTRAIT. Painted in Oil of

yourself accompanied by a Framed Address expressing our high respect and esteem for you as our

Employer and as one who has successfully passed through half a Century of Commercial success as an

Earthenware Manufacturer and who is the Oldest Manufacturer in the Staffordshire Potteries now living


We feel that it would be very remiss on our part to allow the present opportunity to pass without showing in

some way our appreciation of your uniform conduct during pro patria of that long period and at the same

time bearing our cordial testimony to your manly and straightforward business method and honesty of purpose which has beget in us a feeling alike of respect and confidence


We wish especially to recognise your willingness on all occasions to promote our comfort by your genial

disposition and our welfare by your Christian example; endeavouring always to elevate us severally and

mentally and engender a good feeling between employer and employed.


We therefore ask your acceptance of these small Tokens of our Regard for your good qualities,

and we pray that God may preserve the lives of yourself and family in health and prosperity for many

years and that you may ultimately receive that great reward laid up for the good and faithful.


Signed by a few of the oldest hands on behalf the Workpeople

Joseph Hesketh Joseph Robinson
Thomas Peake Joseph Lovekin
Hiram Gater Thomas Lees


Sytch Pottery


March 2nd 1877