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J Tams (John Ltd)

Tams Group Ltd

Tams & Lowe

George Taylor

John Taylor and Co

Thomas & James Taylor

Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor

T Taylor

W Taylor

William Taylor

Taylor & Davis

Taylor & Kent  Longton (1876-1982)

Taylor & Forester  Longton (1886-87)

Taylor & Pope

Taylor, Tunnicliffe & Co

Tellwright and Co

Uriah Thomas & Co  Hanley (1888 - 1905)

Thomas, Rathbone, Oakley & Co

Thorley China Ltd

Thomas Till & Son (s) (1850-1928), Sytch Works, Burslem

Tilstone Bros

A Tilstone and Son

J Timmis & Sons

George Tinsley & Co Burslem (c.1880)

Tinsley, Bourne & Co

Tipper & Co

Toft & Keeling

Toft & May

Benjamin Tomkinson Shelton (c.1854)

Samuel Tomkinson

Tompkinson & Billington  Longton (1868-70 (71))

Charles Tompkinson  Longton (1880-c.1887)

G Townsend

Trent Walk Pottery   Hanley c.1955

Trentham Bone China Ltd

Trubshaw, Hand & Co Longton (c.1879-84)

Tundley, Rhodes & Pinder


Thomas Tunstall

John Turner

John Turner

William and John Turner

G W Turner & Sons

Turner & Co

Turner & Wood  Stoke (1880-88)

Turner, Goddard & Co

M Tunnicliffe

W Turner

Turner & Abbot

G Twemlow

T Twyford

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