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Warburton Family 

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the Warburton family:

In 1766 members of the Warburton family were prominent among the list of trustees of the Cobridge school

They were a Catholic family and originality were tenants of the Biddulph family on part of the Grange estate. They bought a large part of the land sold by the Biddulph family on the east side of the estate. Here in the early 18th century John Warburton built a Potworks for the manufacture of white stoneware with a considerable export trade to Holland.

By the time he died in 1752 he had amassed a considerable property which included an estate in Cheshire for which he paid 1,000 as well as land in Cobridge. 

His two sons operated two separate potteries. John Warburton, the eldest, ran a works in Hot Lane until his death at the age of 40 in 1760. The younger son, Joseph Warburton, had a Potworks in Cobridge which he worked until his death in 1769.