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Barks Drive
Named after Horace Barks, the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent in the 1950's


Botany Bay Road
Botany Bay Road ran alongside the Botany Bay Colour works that was built over by the Mayfield Drive development.
Brickhouse Street
Brickhouse Street is named after Josiah Wedwood's second potworks (named the Brickhouse or Bell Works) in Burslem.


Bridle Path


The postal address of this short road is Bridle Path (on the 1937 OS map it was named East Avenue) - at the end of this road is the original bridle path. Part of the Ash Estate.

The Bridle Path was the route of coal carts from Hanley Hayes Colliery to the Hanley-Cheadle Turnpike Road. The exploitation of the coal seams under the estate - reflected in the names of the fields: “Coal Pit Field” and “Slack Pit Field”