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Stoke streets around the Fleming Road area

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The red road on the right is the A500 'Queensway' - the dual carriageway linking junctions 15 and 16 on the M6.


current (2000) name 1898 name
Club Street Commercial Street
Consort Street King Street
Epworth Street Chapel Street (left) 
Cross Street (right)
Fleming Road did not exist, location of Minton's factory
Hill Street Hill Street
Honeywall Prince's Street (which was the bottom part of Honeywall)
Kirkham Street Kirkham Street
London Road London Road
Poulson Street Canning Street
Sturgess Street Edward Street
Trade Street Commerce Street
Wolfe Street and South Wolfe Street was only Wolfe Street, (the building of Fleming Road intersected Wolfe St.) 




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