Smith and Billington


Location and period of operation:

Smith and Billington




Earthenware manufacturer in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • William Adams (land owner & pottery master) owned property in Cobridge - "In 1802, William Adams let one of his Potteries in Cobridge to Smith & Billington, together with house, garden and croft. This was the property purchased from the Daniels." - Percy W.L. Adams; 'Notes on some North Staffordshire families' 1930. 

  • Smith & Billington are listed in J. Allbut and Sons directory and 'Map of the Potteries of 1802'. The works they occupied is numbered 57 on the map, adjacent to Sneyd Street. 

  • The duration of the partnership of Smith & Billington is uncertain - it is likely that the were suceeded by Richard Billington & Sons


Subsequently (supposed): Richard Billington & Sons


Cobridge in 1802
location 57 - Smith & Billington works
J. Allbut and Sons 'Map of the Potteries of 1802'


Cobridge in 1832
from Thomas Hargreaves' 'Map of the Potteries & Newcastle' 1832

NOTE: Waterloo Road (green line) was built between 1814-17 and so
does not appear on the 1802 map.

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