Crownford China 
Crownford Giftware 

This American giftware company operated from June 1946 to June 2003 under a number of different names (all containing the name Crownford).

Crownford China is included in this database of North Staffordshire potters because they purchased ware from English Potters.

Also these is sometimes confusion as there were Stoke-on-Trent companies who used 'Crownford' as a trade name - these include: Ford & Sons, Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd and Crownford China Co. Ltd. None of these companies had any connection with the American Crownford Giftware. 




Crownford China
Hand Painted
Made in USA

Crownford China
Made in America 

Exclusive Design by
Giftware Corp
New York, NY
Made in England 


Crownford China and Crownford Giftware Corp. was wholesale /distributing / importing company based in New York City operating from 1946 to 2003. 

Crownford sold many types of decorative items made of china, pottery and glass. A variety of souvenir plates, reproduction milk bottles, glass kitchen canister sets, liquor decanters and other items were sold and are found frequently throughout the United States.

Ware in known to have been made for them in the US, England and Italy



Royal Crownford Ironstone
White Wheat 
Weatherby Hanley England

the 3-83 is the month-year of manufacture,
in this example March 1983


Wheat: J.H. Weatherby and Sons Limited

"The Wheat pattern is today [1985] manufactured by J.H. Weatherby and Sons at its Falcon Pottery in Hanley [Stoke-on-Trent, England]. The firm began producing the pattern in 1970, taking over from Arthur J. Wilkinson Limited of Burslem. Since Weatherby and Sons acquired the blocks, cases and master moulds from Wilkinson, there is likely very little difference between the patterns produced by both companies.

The manufacturing materials were actually purchased by a New York-based firm, Crownford Gifts (hence the ROYAL CROWNFORD IRONSTONE in the mark), when Wilkinson ceased operation, and Weatherby and Sons was then requested to produce the pattern. 

In Canada the distributor of the pattern is Frederick Dickson and Company Limited, which, prior to 1970, supplied the Wilkinson-made Wheat pattern to Canadian stores."

Source: Lynne Sussman, The Wheat Pattern - Studies in Archaeology Architecture and History National Historic Parks and Sites Branch Parks Canada, 1985



Burgess & Leigh of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England produces a 
range of ware in the Calico Pattern - they also produced items in the
same pattern for Crownford, USA


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