Crownford China Co. Ltd.


Location and period of operation:

Crownford China Company Limited





China manufacturers at the Florence Works and the Queen's Pottery, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • In September 1987 Rosina China merged with Elizabethan Fine Bone China and from June 1988 they operated under the temporary name of 'Crownford Holdings Ltd' Both of these businesses were already owned by the brothers Oswald & Derek Shufflebottom. 

  • In January 1989 the merged companies became Crownford China Co. Ltd. 

  • In 1994 the assets were acquired by the Churchill Group. 

Previously: Elizabethan Fine Bone China and Rosina China 


NOTE:  Crownford was also a trade name introduced by Ford & Sons and continued by 
Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd - neither company had any connection with Crownford China Co. Ltd. 

There was also an unrelated American importer called variously Crownford China and Crownford Giftware.



teapot in the Yuletide pattern



sugar bowl and cream jug in the 'Cut for Coffee' pattern 

this pattern was originally made by the previous Elizabethan Fine Bone China  



Marks used on ware for identification:

NOTE: the name 'Crownford' was used by other unrelated companies:



A Crownford Product

Queen's China

the name 'Queen's' was used by the previous Rosina China



the mark sometimes includes the County name of Staffordshire

often includes the pattern name

NOTE: The established 1875 refers to the date of the 
formation of a previous company - George Warrilow & Son 


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