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Albert Wenger




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Earthenware manufacture at the Helvetia Works, Parker Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The Wenger family first came to Stoke-on-Trent from Switzerland in the 1860's.

  • The business was started in 1870 by Albert Francis Wenger as manufacturers and suppliers of colours, ozides and glazes for pottery decoration. 

  • The original works were in Cobridge, by at least 1877 he had moved to Parker Street, Hanley.

  • Wenger named his works in Hanley Helvetia Works - Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland - the figure and name appeared on stamps, coins and statues in Switzerland.   

  • For a period (c.1880-92 is listed in trade directories) Albert Wenger also manufactured highly coloured earthenware which showed off the colours that they manufactured.  

  • 1895 incorporated as a Limited company.

  • The company moved to Etruria around 1900 and developed into a sucessful manufacturer of materials for decorating ceramic, glass and metals. 

  • Albert Wenger was in partnership with John T Cope as J. T. Cope & Co., china and earthenware manufacturers - this partnership was dissolved in 1886.

  • In 1893 Wenger became a naturalized British Citizen. 

  • Albert Wenger owned an interest with a James Best as Mine Owners and Clay Merchants in Cornwall, this was dissolved in 1896. 


A Wenger
Parker Street

Keates Gazetter 1879
Colour Manufacturers - Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent


A Wenger
Parker Street Works, Hanley

 The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880

"Manufacturer of Relief Enamel or Longwy Ware in Tiles and Fancy Goods,
Barbotine and other Fancy Wares". 

 Longwy Ware is decorated in relief enamel
Barbotine is French for ceramic slip

A Wenger
Parker Street Works, Hanley

Pottery Gazette, October 1880



Tazza produced by A Wenger, Hanley in the Longwy style

Tazza (from the Italian 'cup') is a shallow saucer like dish mounted on a foot 


the top of the Tazza - decorated in relief enamel, also known as Longwy Ware

Longwy is a town in north-eastern known for its artistic glazed pottery.


detail of the enameling

advert in the Staffordshire Sentinel
26 Jan 1880

Apply, A Wenger, Parker-street Works, Hanley"

enamelled plaque

Courtesy: Dorothy Readman



Marks & names used on ware for identification:

A Wenger, Hanley 


impressed 'fish' mark

the signature and impressed mark both appear on the tazza shown above 


impressed mark on the plaque 

London Gazette  18th December 1877   

Wenger's entry at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878 


London Gazette  1st December 1893   

announcement of the naturalization of Albert F Wenger 

London Gazette - 24 September 1886

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between Wenger & Cope
china and earthenware manufacturers

London Gazette - 31 March 1896

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between Best & Wenger
clay merchants and mine owners



running centre top to bottom is Trinity Street and Etruria Road
Hanley - 1929
Britain from above

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Green rectangle is the Helvetia Works of Albert Wenger 
Red line is Parker Street

Blue rectangle is the works of Charles Ford

Light Blue line = Trinity Street 
Yellow line = Marsh Street
Purple line = Clough Street
Light blue circle = Former chapel, then Scout Shop, then restaurant


Centre is the Helvetia Works of Albert Wenger

by the time of this photo (1929) Wenger had moved from this works in Hanley to a purpose built factory in Etruria. 
The Helvetia Works were subsequently occupied by Ratauds Ltd., ceramic transfer manufacturers 


Wengers Ltd 

1955 advert for Wengers Ltd

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