Wood and Bennett


Location and period of operation:

Wood and Bennett




Earthenware manufacturer at the 'Pearl Pottery' in Brook Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent

  • A business between Frederick Winkle and William Wood had started in 1885 at the Pearl Pottery in Hanley.

  • In 1888 Winkle and Wood jointly opened the purpose built Colonial Pottery Works in Whieldon Road on the border of Stoke and Fenton.

  • In September 1889 this partnership was dissolved and Frederick Winkle continued on his own at the Colonial Pottery and William Wood continued at the Pearl Pottery works, Hanley with Mr Bennett as Wood & Bennett


Previously the works were operated by Winkle and Wood

Subsequently the works were operated by The Pearl Pottery Company




Pearl Pottery, Brook Street, Hanley

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