Wynne & Ray

Ray & Wynne  


Location and period of operation:

Wynne & Ray

Ray & Wynne



Aug 1846


China and Earthenware manufacturer at Daisy Bank, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  • The partners were Richard Ray of Daisy Bank and Thomas Wynne of Edensor.

  • Jewitt records them as 'Ray & Wynne' (Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain), Scriven records them as 'Wynne & Ray'

  • The partnership was dissolved in August 1846. In May 1847 they were declared bankrupt. 

  • Both Ray and Wynne carried on business on their own account. 

  • Ray & Wynne also had an interest in the Bentilee and Mossfields Collieries which they left in August 1846. 


From Scriven's Report on Child labour in the Pottery Industry
Children's Employment Commission
appendix to the second report 1842

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testimony of Samuel Bridgewood, aged 11 and
George Johnston, aged 9, jigger boy, 
at Wynne & Ray's China Manufactory  


The London Gazette
August 1846

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Richard Ray and Thomas Wynne 


The London Gazette
6th October 1846

Bentilee Colliery Company 
notice that Richard Ray and Thomas Wynne resigned from 
the business which was then carried on by John Goodwin, 
John Hawley,  Sampson Bridgwood, Joseph Tideswell, 
William Batkin, James Deakin and James Wardle 

Mossfields Colliery Company 
notice that Richard Ray, Thomas Wynne, William Batkin, 
James Deakin and James Wardle resigned from the business 
which was then carried on by John Goodwin, John Hawley and 
Sampson Bridgwood





Initials used on ware for identification:



Daisy Bank Works

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