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Location and period of operation:

Blyth Porcelain Co





Porcelain manufacturer at the Blyth Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • Around 1903 the Dresden Porcelain Co. was renamed Blyth Porcelain Co. The business continued to be owned by the Forester family.

  • The business was incorporated as a Limited company in 1904 and was run by H. Victor Forester, the youngest son of Thomas Forester.

  • In June 1938 a resolution was passed that the company be voluntarily wound up and it closed in 1939. 

  • The Blyth works were then taken over by A. T. Finney.

Previously: Dresden Porcelain Co.

Subsequently: A. T. Finney


High Street
Blyth Porcelain Co., Ltd.,
china manufacturers

from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'


Greatest Variety in Shapes and Decorations at most Reasonable Prices
The Blyth Porcelain Co., Ltd., High St., Longton

Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review
January 1906

"Diamond China Sells at Sight"
"Quality Makes it Best Value"
Specialities: Tea and Breakfast Sets
Blyth Porcelain Co., Ltd., Longton

The Pottery Gazette
January 1913



The London Gazette
5th July 1938

notice of the voluntary winding up of Blyth Porcelain Company Limited



teas sets in the Eurpoean Imari style

Wikipedia article on Imari ware



tea set with gilt edging

Diamond China

c. 1925+ 


china trio with gilt 

B P Co Ltd
Diamond China
Made in England

This style of mark 
introduced c.1905

the registration number shows that this pattern was registered in 1930


cup and saucer - probably 1930s 


Initials and marks used on ware for identification:

NOTE: There was also a company called Diamond Pottery Co. 

The Blyth Porcelain Co., and their predecessors, Dresden Porcelain Co., used a diamond mark and used the trade name 'Diamond China'. This causes some confusion with the Diamond Pottery. 

However Diamond Pottery Co. made earthenware and were based in the town of Hanley (they also didn't seem to used a diamond shape mark).

Whereas  Blyth Porcelain Co. and Dresden Porcelain Co. produced china ware and were based in the town of Longton.


B P CO Ltd


Diamond China

the diamond shaped mark and wording were used as a trade name 


B P Co Ltd
Diamond China

c. 1905+ 

B P Co Ltd
Diamond China
Made in England

marks with "Made in England" date from the mid 1920s onwards

Diamond China
B P Co Ltd

c. 1913+ 

(mark without the 
teacup in the middle)


the previous company, Dresden Porcelain Co., also used a similar diamond mark


Diamond China

Diamond China

c. 1925+ 


The Newtown Works, High Street, Longton
(around 1903 renamed the Blyth Works)

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