Gater, Hall & Co


Location and period of operation:

Gater, Hall & Co





Earthenware manufacturer at Tunstall and then Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Gater, Hall & Co operated at the New Gordon Pottery in Tunstall from about 1899 to 1907. 

  • The main partners were Thomas Gater and Thomas Hall.

  • Around 1905 Thomas Gater purchased the Royal Overhouse Pottery in Burslem from Ralph Hammersley and the business moved from here from Tunstall. 

  • In 1916 William Barratt (of King & Barratt) purchased an interest in Gater Hall & Co. Both companies continued to operate untill c.1940 when King & Barrett closed.

  • Gater Hall & Co remained in production and in 1943 the business, now under the control of William Barratt, was renamed to "Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd


Previously: For a short time prior "Thomas Gater & Co" operated the New Gordon Pottery on his own account. 

Subsequently: Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd 



milk jug and sugar bowl in the DERBY pattern 


blue willow pattern teapot stand dating from c1915
blue willow pattern teapot stand dating from c1915. 
Made by Gater, Hall & Go. Staffordshire.
Measures 7 x 6 inches.

underneath of stand
underneath of stand

gravy boat in the LUXOR pattern 



hand painted jug from the 1936+ period 

hand painted art deco style jug from the 1936+ period 



G. R. VI
Gater Hall & Co

The marks was used on ware produced for and supplied to the British Government; it was ultimately property of the Crown/Government, hence the GR-VI.

Gater Hall (and others) were given government contracts throughout the late 1930s and into the 1940s (WWII) and produced canteen ware - most likely for the armed services.

photo courtesy: Em Golding




Marks and initials used on ware for identification:

G H & CO.

the "Corona" name was continued by Barratt's of Staffordshire 


G H & Co
G H & Co

'CONTRYSIDE' is the pattern name

printed mark1914+

Gater Hall
Over House

'LUXOR' is the pattern name

(date uncertain - but after 1907)


C H & CO mark of 1914+
C H & Co 

mark of 1914+
(which appears on the Willow Pattern stand shown above)

Crown Corona
Estd 1819
C H & Co


- the reference to 'Estd 1819 does not apply to Gater Hall & Co
it was not uncommon for companies to use the date of a previous
pottery on the same works -

Gater Hall & Co
Made in England 

'DERBY' is the pattern name

(date uncertain)


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