Green, Clark & Clay


Location and period of operation:

Green, Clark & Clay



Feb 1883


Earthenware  manufacturers at the Stafford Street Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • By 1881 both the partners of the previous business had died (John Green and Elisha Holland) and their executors dissolved the business.

  • Ann Green and John Bill Green (two of the executors) were partners of the subsequent business of Green, Clark & Clay.  

  • In 1882 a large portion of the buildings was taken down to make way for a row of shops. A part of the works was continued by Green, Clark & Clay.

  • By 1883 the partners were William Green, Charles Richard Clark and Alfred John Clay. 

  • In February 1883 Charles R Clark left the business. 


Previously: Holland & Green

Subsequently: Green & Clay




The London Gazette
25 March 1881

notice of the dissolution of the partnership of 
the previous business of Holland & Green


The London Gazette
27 March 1883

notice that Charles R Clark left the business




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