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Location and period of operation:

Hales, Hancock & Godwin Ltd




Hales, Hancock & Godwin Ltd were not pottery manufacturers but were agents and retailers operating from London until 1941 and then from the New Park Works, High Street, Longton until c.1958 and then from the Melbourne Works, King Street, Longton. 
Source: Michael Perry A handbook of British Pottery Manufacturers 1900-2010

They were agents for: 

Some ware marketed by Hales, Hancock & Godwin had the both the makers mark and H.H. & G. Ltd and some only had H.H. & G. Ltd


Formerly Hales, Hancock & Co (1913-1922) and subsequently Hales Bros.


Advert for Hales, Hancock & Godwin
Pottery Gazette - October 1950

White Hotel Ware for Home and Export 

Advert for Hales, Hancock & Godwin
Pottery Gazette - October 1958

Heatmaster - improved Insulated Tableware

The Heatmaster insulated earthenware tea sets were manufactured by the 
Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ltd. who were an associate company of Wood & Sons Ltd  

Advert for Hales, Hancock & Godwin
Pottery Gazette Reference Book 1960 


London Gazette
23 March 1959

in this notice on behalf of Hales, Hancock & Godwin Ltd
they are described as 'Manufacturers and Importers of
China, Earthenware and Glass'

London Gazette
19 May 1961

notice of appointment of liquidators for Hales, Hancock & Godwin Ltd
Pottery Wholesalers 

Larry the Lamb - one of the first examples of radio/TV merchandise
Larry was a character of the BBC children's radio show 'Toytown', which first 
broadcast in the 1930s and was later adapted to TV in the 1950's by ITV 


Made in England
H H & G Ltd
Registered No 791377
'Larry the Lamb'

produced by Midwinter Pottery and sold by Hales, Hancock & Godwin Ltd
the registration number dates to 1934 


HHG Ltd 

Hales Hancock and Godwin were actually retailers and the 
Orient design was made for them by Wood & Sons

Wood and Sons produced the Orient pattern and sold it with the Wood & Sons mark

HH&G Ltd 

most ware in the Orient pattern is Blue & White - this plate is an unusual
example - brown transfer with hand painted colours and guilding

HH&G Ltd with an impressed number W1028


Bowl in the Golden Moon pattern

Golden Moon ware was manufactured by Wood & Sons and marketed by Hales Hancock and Godwin Ltd.

This 1920s pattern shows a stork flying near a shiny golden disc representing the moon, with stylised clouds passing in front. 

On larger items several birds are present. The design features a gold transfer on a deep blue shiny ground. 

The Golden Moon design bears all the hallmarks of Frederick Rhead's work


Golden Moon
H.H. & G.Ltd


Marks used on ware for identification:


H H & G Ltd

mark with the Stafford knot
ORIENT is the pattern name



H H & G Ltd

mark with a Toby Jug figure
ORIENT is the pattern name



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