John & Ralph Hall


Location and period of operation:

John & Ralph Hall

Burslem (Bank)



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    Earthenware manufacturer at Liverpool Road (Burslem Bank), The Sytch, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.


Brothers John and Ralph Hall worked in partnership at the Sytch Pottery in Burslem (1802-1822), and at the Swan Bank works, Tunstall (1809-1822).

After c.1811 Ralph took over Swan Banks Works at Tunstall and was responsible for production there and John was responsible for the Burslem works. 

As early as 1814 it is suggested that they were more or less working independently, although the partnership was not dissolved until 1822. 


Succeeded by: John Hall (c.1822-1828) and then as John Hall & Sons (c.1828-1832)




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