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R Hancock & Co




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In 1850 listed as R Hancock & Co and in 1851 as Redulphus Hancock. 
Hanock's house is listed as Sytch, (Liverpool Road).

In 1837 Edward Corn had purchased the works in the High Street from Hancock & Lythgoe but in 1850 Corn moved to better works in Navigation Road, Burslem. 

It appears that Hancock bought the High Street works back again, there was a brief partnership between Lythgoe & Corn and then Lythgoe aquired the work on his own for about 4 years. 

Previously: Edward Corn 

Subsequently: Corn, Lythgoe & Edge  

Redulphus Hancock had also been in partnership with William Emberton as Emberton, Hancock & Co at Highgate Pottery, Brownhills, Burslem. 


London Gazette -  16 August 1850

notice of the dissolution of the business of R Hancock & Co
which continued as Corn, Lythgoe & Edge

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