William Harrop (& Co)


Location and period of operation:

William Harrop


July 1873


  (See sources)

Manufacturer of parian and earthenware at the Dresden works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

  • Previously Thomas Worthington & William Harrop trading as Worthington & Harrop. In July 1873 Workington left the partnership and William Harrop continued on his own.

  • From 1880 trading as 'William Harrop & Co'

  • The partners were Anna Elizabeth Harrop, John Harrop and Herbert Hall - trading as 'William Harrop & Co.'

  • In June 1888 Herbert Hall retired from the business. 

  • By 1889 a trade directory recorded the company as 'John & Frederick Harrop'. However all subsequent records continue the name as 'William Harrop & Co.'

  • The company was in receivership by 1896 and John & Frederick Charles Harrop were both declared bankrupt.


Formerly: Worthington and Harrop.

Subsequently: Harrop & Burgess


William Harrop & Co.
Dresden Works, Tinkersclough, Hanley
Earthenware, Stone & Parian

The Pottery Gazette, January 1885 

The London Gazette, June 26 1888 

notice that Herbert Hall had retired from the business 

The London Gazette, July 18 1893 

notice of intended dividends of William Harrop & Co.

The London Gazette, March 26 1897


notice of a surplus of 74 arising from the bankruptcy
of Frederick Charles Harrop

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