The heatmaster range was made by Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ltd, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Ellgreave Pottery was established by Henry Wood in 1921 and it operated as an associate company of Wood & Sons Ltd. 

  • As well as general tableware, figurines, vases and the like, Ellgreave became an important producer of teapots.

  • After the Second World War it introduced a range of insulated teapots / coffee pots. Marks included the company name and for the insulated ware the trade name 'HEATMASTER' 

  • Ellgreave produced this insulated ware for a number of retalers and under a number of trade names - Bursley Manufacturing Co. "Heatmaster," Kosy Kraft Ltd. A.E. Medway & Co Ltd. "Mirabelle," "Regal," "Regency," "Teamaster"

  • The vast majority of insulated ware was produced by Ellgreave, occasionally one appears which has the associate company Wood & Sons mark - this is assumed to have been produced by Wood to meet production needs. 

  • In 1967 the company was put into voluntary liquidation, along with a couple of other Wood companies. Production moved to the recently modernised Trent and New Wharf Pottery of Wood  & Sons where the name Ellgreave continued to be used. 

  • Uninsulated tea set ware was produced with the Heatmaster / Ellgreave name, other items such as bottle covers, beer tankards. 

  • A range of oven-to-table ware was introduced by Wood & Sons under the trade name Heatmaster (although this ware was not insulated) 



The Leader - Insulated Tableware

Advert for Ellgreave Pottery Co Ltd
Pottery Gazette and Glass Review, August 1956

Now used exclusively by:-
Bursley Manufacturing Co. "Heatmaster," Kosy Kraft Ltd. A.E. Medway & Co Ltd. "Mirabelle," "Regal," "Regency," "Teamaster"


Heatmaster - improved Insulated Tableware
The Heatmaster insulated earthenware tea sets were manufactured by the 
Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ltd. who were an associate company of Wood & Sons. 

Advert for Hales, Hancock & Godwin
Pottery Gazette - October 1958

Hales, Hancock & Godwin Ltd were not pottery 
manufacturers but were agents and retailers.

Genuine Heatmaster



early heatmaster tea set for one



Heatmaster teapot and hot water pot with copper coloured insulated cover. 


Made in England

Heatmaster teaset with the Wood & Sons mark


Wood & Sons
Burslem England

with the impressed HEATMASTER name




Heatmaster Easiclene coffee and tea set on tray



Heatmaster Devil

Made in England
Patent No 15044/48


the Heatmaster range was expanded to include 
breakfast sets, including these insulated egg cosies  


the Heatmaster Devil 

Heatmaster teaset 

Ellgreave Heatmaster teapot 
this range of ware did not have insulated coverings 


Ellgreave Heatmaster 

The 5-69 is the production date: May 1969 

Heatmaster coffee pot by Wood & Sons


Wood & Sons

photo courtesy: Brenda Roberts


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