The Henry Richards Tile Co Ltd

This firm continued under the direction of the Corn family and eventually became Richards Tiles Ltd.


Location and period of operation:

The Henry Richards Tile Co Ltd




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Formerly W & E Corn at Navigation Road, Burslem and then Top Bridge Works, Longport.

Subsequently renamed: Richards Tiles Ltd


Upon transfer to the Pinnox Works in Tunstall in 1903... "The manufacture of general earthenware was abandoned, and the new plant was devoted exclusively to the production of tiles, except for a small amount of sanitary ware made, until 1925, on behalf of the sister house of Edward Johns & Co.

At the same time, the existence of two other concerns bearing the family name -"Corn Bros." and "Corn Bros. & Co." - having led to confusion, the name of W. & E. Corn was allowed to lapse and the firm became "The Henry Richards Tile Company Limited", that inconveniently long name being reduced to its present form (Richards Tiles Ltd.) in 1931. It will be seen that the "Henry" and the "Richards" of the firm's 1903 title were simply the second Christian names of the then partners." 

From: "A Century of Progress 1837-1937" a publication to commemorate The Centenary of Richards Tiles Ltd.


"In 1911 we entered this field of floor tiles and mosaic when a new factory, adjoining the main Pinnox works, was built and brought into successful operation and, to give us complete control of the grinding of our raw materials, we acquired the Burslem Mills Company. But soon the scourge of war was to check all peaceful progress, and plans for the parent factory had to be pigeon-holed until they could be carried into effect in the early 1920's. 

From: "Richards 1837 - 1953"



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